Billy Rai
Hey wimps I'm Billy Rai - the brattiest, sexiest girl on this site. Drool over my hot young body. You are susch a stupid little fool for me aren't you? I've been humiliating and bullying losers like you since I was in college. It's just so much fun for me - I get such a thrill out of watching your dumb reactions to my insults. I've been a dominant, mean little bitch all of my life and I worked out very quickly how to use this quality to make lots of money from you submissive weaklings. I stamp all over your egos and laugh as you beg me to take the cash straight from your wallets. I totally love verbally abusing you losers and you in your place - at my feet or under my perfect ass. I'm going to have so much fun destroying you!
Fucked And Photographed

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