Boss's Brat Cuckolds You
Your boss's bratty daughter has you just where she wants you. She knows all about your sissy dress up fun and knows how humiliating it would be for you if your secret were to be exposed. She knows exactly what her father would do if he found out he had a panty wearing little bitch working for him! You'd do anything to keep your sissy-secret in the closet and Jen is ready to exploit you for all she wants. For a start tonight you're going to be her personal driver to the disco. She has a hot date with the college stud and she plans on fucking him on the back seat of your car. You have no choice cucky - you just drive the hot girls around while real men get to fuck them. Get used to it loser - Jen has so much evidence against you, you're gonna be her personal slave for a long long time to come!
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