Brat Locks You Away
Bratty financial humiliatrix, Gemma, loves to force you into awkward, humiliating predicaments. She especially enjoys making you look like a fool in front of your own girlfriend. Gemma doesn't even think you deserve a girlfriend so she thinks up one malicious idea after another to keep you looking like a complete loser. She demands that you load your credit card up with girlie shopping for her. Gemma giggles spitefully knowing she's going to get lots and lots of presents leaving you to explain all the girlie items on your credit card statement to your girlfriend. How will you explain all the lingerie stores and ladies shoe shops you've been spending your money in huh loser?.. Well that's gonna be the least of your problems. Gemma's also locking your useless cock away in a cruel chastity cock cage. You're gonna have to think up a good excuse for when your girlfriend finds that padlocked onto your worhtless loser-stick!
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