Cheerleader Tease And Denial
Crystal and Tuezday are the hottest, meanest cheerleaders on the team. They know just what their perfectly toned, tight little bodies do to you but you can keep on dreaming loser. You're never going to be anything more to them than the pathetic drool-boi weakling that they tease and torment for their twisted fun. They get an extra special kick from forcing you to watch as they make out together, kissing each other while they tell you just what a pin-dicked reject you really are. You can do nothing but suffer in frustration as the 2 cheerleader brats start to get serious with each other. You can only squirm in your denial, while Crystal shows you Tuezday's cute young pussy - taunting you with what you'll NEVER get the chance to enjoy! The girls play with each other in over 13 minutes of heartless tease and deinal rejection, verbally humiliating and ridiculing you all the while. Watch this clip while tightly locked inside your emasculation chastity device loserboi!
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