Hey I'm Chelsea. I know how much you want to drop to your knees and worship my perfect ass but really, what's in it for me? I have everything I want in life - a hot boyfriend, a smart apartment, and a bank full of cash but what would be fun is to take everything you have just for my amusement loser boy! I'll make you hand it all over - bit by bit until you have nothing left. I don't really have any use for your cash so I'll probably just waste it on crap. Hair, nails, champagne, and expensive dinner dates. You can starve for all I care - in fact knowing you're cold and hungry while me and my real man bite into a delicious steak you've paid for will give me a massive kick.
Biology Brat
Tied Up By The Netball Brat
Blackmailed By The Boss's Brat
Sentanced By Law Brat
Marry The Manipulatrix

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