Cucky Forced To Film It
Your hot young cheerleader girlfriend, Tuezday, has a date with one of the guys on the football team and she just cannot wait to rub it in your loser cuck face. Tuezday is the dream princess brat of the whole college and you should know that you're never going to be able to hold on to such a stunning girl as her without having to make some serious sacrifices. She tells you that her real-man date wants to make a porn movie with her tonight and Tuezday has decided that the best person to film it is YOU cucky. You're gonna hold the camera as her stud fucks your perfect little girfriend. He's going to be filling her with his cock and making her scream while you record the whole thing like the pathetic cuckold weakling you are. Don't worry though cucky... You're going to get a chance to be in front of the camera too... but you're not gonna be fucking your cute cheerleader girlfriend. Oh no - Tuezday and her man want to totally humiliate you by forcing you to bend over for their gay friend.
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