Hey weakling I'm Georgie and this is the luckiest day of your whole sorry life. I joined the Cruel Girlfriend team to allow me the opportunity to find a whole lot more of you reject losers to humiliate and abuse. I LOVE dominating, humiliating and using pathetic boner boys like you, so get ready to pull out your wallet, hand over your credit cards and beg me to take everything you have. I am a stunning, cheating trophy girlfriend who will cuckold you and rub your jealous nose in it. You will pay for my dates, you will buy my cute lingerie sets, you will fund EVERYTHING and you will get nothing in return. You'll just suffer in chastity, sat at home drooling over the faint smell of the perfume you bought me, waiting for me to walk back in with my real man. Hear us laugh at you, whilst you grovel for My attention cucky.
Seduced And Blackmailed

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