Humiliated By Bratty Maid
School brat Vicky has a part time job working as a dial-a-maid. You've accidentally booked her to clean your apartment which is the perfect opportunity for this spiteful little princess to totally humiliate you. She arrives looking stunning in her cute french maid uniform and immediately starts to put you in your place. If you think you're gonna get to boss this maid around you're very much mistaken loser. She hands you a brush and puts you to work sweeping up the filthy floor. Vicky inspects the grime on the brush - it's disgusting! She squeezes toothpaste all over the muck and forces you to brush your teeth with it. The mean brat grabs her camera as you try to clean your teeth with the dirty brush. Hahaha! You're such a loser! Now with that nice clean mouth Vicky decides you can give the floor a really good scrub!!
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