Hello losers, sissy cumsluts, cuckolds and wimps! I am Jen, a spoiled cruel, greedy brat, who loves to tease and humiliate boner boys and nerds like you! I love to manipulate and take complete advantage of weakling submissive men. You need to understand I am a twisted snobby princess who enjoys being lavished with luxury gifts and your hard earned cash before ever allowing freakos like you to get a sniff of attention from me. I'll get into your weak mind and turn all of your perverted fantasies and addictions against you. I will become your most potent addiction. You will need your daily fix of me wherever you are. You will realise that the only attention you get from me is while I'm draining your account and laughing at your ruin.
Boss's Brat Cuckolds You
Trample Party Sissy Maid
Destroyed By A Brat
Don't Forget To Floss
Trampled Homework Cuck
Virgin Gets Fucked 2

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