Lolly Lopez
Hello Freaks. I'm Lolly Lopez - the meanest brat on the web. I am very well aware of the power my blonde bombshell looks have over losers like you and I exploite them at every opportunity! I may appear like a ditzy bimbo but one thing is for sure, weakling, I am the most devious, manipulative, girl-next-door you will ever meet. I am the girl that laughed at you at school for being such a shy stuttering boner boy. I am the office hottie that bullys you in front of your colleagues. I am the bitch in the club that deliberately pours her drink into your pants for the amusement of all her hot girlfriends. You are just that totally submissive little reject, whose only purpose in life is to serve and amuse me.
Cucky's Bratty Abuse
Bullied By A Brat
Tormented By A College Brat

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