Ridiculed For Bragging
The hottest brat at college, Louise, is on the phone to her real man boyfriend as you wait quietly for her. You listen to her flirt with him and giggle about you like the patient cucky wimp you are. After she hangs up, she decides it's time to give you some attention - but don't get too excited loser - Louise has no intention of giving you the same kind of attenetion as her real man gets! Louise has heard that you've been bragging that you're going out with her. Losers like you have no chance of dating hot young cheerleading brats like Louise and the mean college princess plans on totally humiliating you for even suggesting such a thing. To start your humili-punishment she forces you into a girlie dress, wig and makeup. Watching you squirm in your delicate panties is hilarious to Louise and she laughs over and over at your pathetic wimpy body all dressed up in sissy girl clothes. Louise is going to have lots of fun with you today loser, but you're not going to get any... especially after she's padlocked you back in your tight chastity cage!
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