Sent To Football In Panties
Your boss's daughter, Crystal, is a spiteful, manipulative little brat. She knows how much you drool over her hot young body but has nothing but contempt for you. She thinks you're just a pathetic loser who she can control and ridicule for her own twisted amusement. Crystal knows that you've got to go to football practice so decides to send you along in a pair of her cute girlie panties. She wants you to get totally humiliated in the showers when all the real men see you in her pretty, feminine panties. There's gonna be no escape for you sissy - everyone is gonna know that you wear girls panties... just like a real girl! Crystal drags you to the bathroom and hands you her delicate underwear and orders you to put them on. You know she can get you sacked whenever she wants to so you have no choice.. You're gonna get humiliated and there's nothing you can do about it sissy!
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