Sissy Stripper Audition
Bratty girlfriend Tuezday is furious with you. She's found out that you've blown a whole load of cash on strippers at the lapdancing club. She expects you to hand over all of your hard earned cash to her. Her luxury lifestyle has to be funded somehow and you're lucky that such a perfect young brat as Tuezday has given you the honour of paying for all her designer clothes and nights out with her girls and the real men in her life. Spending HER cash on strippers is an insult and Tuezday is going to give you a totally humiliating punishment that you'll never forget! She explains how you're going to get feminised into a slutty stripper's costume and sent back to the club to audition to become one of the lapdancing girls. She wants you to work at the strip club dancing for men and offering the ultimate in forced-bi 'extras' to pay her back all the cash you've blown on dancing girls. You'll be the perfect little sissy stripper girl seeing as you already know exactly what the men want from their sluts!
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