Spoilt Brat Abuse
Della unloads 8 minutes of non-stop humiliation and abuse in her own spoilt, bratty, unique way. Della is the hottest girl on the cheerleading team and she has the mean-girl attitude to match. She loves firing insult after insult at you, telling you exactly how you'll never be man enough for a perfect princess like her. She compares you to he real-man boyfriend and mocks you for all the pathetic inadaquacies you have. You'll never get a girl like Della and doesn't she just love to remind you of the fact! Finally, Della takes a sloppy yoghurt and throws it onto the floor. She stands over you and orders you to lick it all up. Della delights in your humiliation and demands every last drop is slurped up and the floor is made spotlessly clean. You're going to do it too aren't you loser?
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