Total College Humiliation
All of Crystal's bratty college friends don't believe she has a permanent, personal slave. She's told them all about you but they just can't believe any man would do EVERYTHING a bratty college girl would command so Crystal has decided to prove to them that you really do exist. She's going to dress you up in something totally humiliating... Maybe a schoolgirl costume or a french maids uniform? And then parade you around the college for all her friends to laugh at. Your humiliation isn't gonna end there either loser. Crystal needs to prove to her spitefully mean girlfriends that you do anything she tells you to. They're gonna spit their gum onto the floor and make you eat it off the soles of their shoes. They're gonna force you to lick the toilets clean as they laugh and giggle at you. You're going to have to endure a whole day of humiliating ordeals just to keep your cuckolding princess happy lose.
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