Trampled Homework Cuck
Sneaking into bratty princess Jen's bedroom as she's enjoying herself on her bed isn't a smart idea cucky. As soon as she catches you drooling over her cute young body wriggling around in pleasure, she jumps up on the bed and starts abusing you. She stands above you, sneering down at you like the worthless cuckold scum you are. She tells you that you're going to be doing her homework tonight while she fucks a real man right next to you. She enjoys every second humiliating you and tormenting you. She decides you need to understand just how inferior to your cuckolding princess you really. She stands on top of you and tramples all over your body like it's no more than a doormat to be walked on. She grinds her feet into your weakling body and kicks down on you just to watch the pain fill your eyes. You're going to sit in the corner and do her homework while she fucks her stud like a good little cuckold otherwise Jen's going to get her real-man boyfriend to help trample you later!
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