I'm Tuezday and just what the fuck are you? You are a loser that's what! You're sat there surfing for hot girls who don't want to fuck you, who find you repulsive and just want to humiliate you. The thrill of being made fun of by pretty girls who'd never normally give you any attention is addictive huh?. You're too embarrased to look us in the eyes as we shame and ridicule you but you can see our hands over our mouths as we giggle and point at you. You can hear us mocking you over and over - none of us letting you recover from the last cutting insult. Are you going to cry wimp? We hope so - your ordeal doesn't end until you're sobbing you fucking weakling.
Cheerleader Tease And Denial
Sissy Stripper Audition
Cucky Forced To Film It

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