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1 Minute Pillow Hump
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Get your pillow ready humpy boy - I'm giving you 1 minute to hump your pillow - if you cum you get to sleep in your cummy mess - if you fail you can try again tomorrow. Losers like you should be grateful a hot girl like me is even allowing you to hump something other than your limp wrist in fact betas like you should be locked in chastity so consider this a fucking privilege. I'm going to time you loser - you'll start humping when I say and you'll stop when I say. Don't waste your opportunity pillow-boy - hump your pillow like the loser you are and try not to let the thought of me and all my bratty girlfriends making fun of you put you off.
Alexa Brooke
21/01/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - 1 Minute Pillow Hump - #PillowHumping