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A Lifetime Sentence In Chastity
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OK so it's time we got you ready for your lifelong subscription to being a virgin. I guess I could just let you go out and find a plain-Jane little miss average to date and eventually marry but y'know what - I just don't want to risk the two of you brining more beta nerds into this world so I've decided you'll spend the rest of your life locked up in chastity. No dating, no masturbating, no one-night hook-ups at the club - you're going to stay caged in chastity forever. We can meet up every 10 years if you like and I'll review your beta-status - kinda like a parole hearing I guess - I'll invite some of my bratty girlfriends and we can all decide if we want to end your life-sentence... but don't get your hopes up loser... the decision needs to be unanimous!
Becky Dee
24/03/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - A Lifetime Sentence In Chastity - #Chastity