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Accept Your Life Of Humiliation Cuckold
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I'm never gonna get tired of humiliating you with my real man. Using my fuck-toys to shame the fuck out of you gives me such a buzz. You're so totally devoted to me I can make you agree to anything. Watching other men fucking your dream-girl was as bad as you thought it would ever get but then I asked him to slap you with his cock. I could tell you were so humiliated, but you just let him do it. I made him cum into my panties and we made you wear them all day while you ran errands for us - you just did it. You've swallowed his condoms and cleaned his apartment dressed as a maid while we fucked - and you didn't say a word. You're such a pathetic cuckold but at least you are still a part of my life.
Penny Lee
30/11/2018 - 9 minutes
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