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Aw Does My Real Man Bully You Cucky
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The best thing about bringing my real man home is watching HIM totally bully you, cuckold! I love it SO FUCKING MUCH! When my fuck-toy puts you in your place and totally humiliates you right in front of me gives me such a thrill! Every time he pushes you around and emasculates you, just for me, drives me wild! It's so fucking hot! No matter what you do to try to please us and keep on his good side, he still finds a reason to punish you and show you who's boss around here. I love him physically bullying you - spanking you while I watch and laugh, pushing you around and making you suck his cock before he fucks me but what he's really good at is bullying you mentally too. Like when he makes you thank him for coming over to fuck your girlfriend properly. And making you call him sir every time you speak to him! I love it when as he's fucking me EXTRA hard and he tells you you to lift your skirt and pull down your panties because you're going to be next. The shame and fear on your poor face makes me want to cum instantly! I love it when he orders you to lick up all of his cum after he's emptied his huge alpha load. He loves to bully you in front of me so much and I LOVE it! I could watch him bully you all day.
Maxie Rhoads
07/12/2019 - 9 minutes
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CruelBrats - Aw Does My Real Man Bully You Cucky - #Cuckold