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It's not good enough to simply look like a girl, sissy. I want you to be eye-candy just like me. Look at me sissy, I'm every real-man's fantasy. I have beautiful long blonde hair, perfect dream-girl looks, huge tits and a hot body - and that's exactly what you're going to aspire to. You're going to be feminized so intensely you'll become the ultimate bimbo for horny men to get off to. I'll fix extra-long, peroxide blonde hair extensions to your head. I'll make you wear pretty, aqua-blue contact lenses and long eyelashes and paint your face to look so, so feminine. You're gonna need big fake tits just like mine too sissy - men love big tits and I'm gonna make sure you have the biggest the surgeon can pump your chest up with. You're gonna have the ultimate man-pleasing body, sissy! You're going to be put through an extreme fitness program to keep you toned - just to look good for men. Your whole body will be kept soft and smooth so you'll look good in all the pretty lingerie sets you'll be made to model for men. Can you imagine sissy - you're going to be every real-man's jerk-off fodder. You're going to look like every cock-teasing bimbo on the internet - with one exception - you're not going to say 'no' to any man. You're not going to be just 'eye' candy, sissy - you're gonna be 'cock' candy. You're being feminized to look good on cock!
Alexis Reed
22/08/2019 - 11 minutes
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CruelBrats - Become Cock-Candy - #Feminization