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Beg Her To Unlock You Sissy
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How humiliating... ''Please Miss Maisie, may I have a humili-wank?'' Giggle How humiliating having to ask me for permission to jerk off! I know it's embarrassing loser but you brought it upon yourself - jerking off into tissues to pictures of me - drooling over my hot, young body - my perfect breasts. Eugh the thought makes me sick! From now on you will ask permission for each and every one of your pathetic little loser-gasms. No real man would ever have to ask - but you DO! And then, when you do get to jerk off - it's gonna be humiliating - I'll make sure of it. I'll make sure you feel ashamed and humiliated as you jerk off to my soft girly voice making fun of you! Jerk off for me then loser - kneel on the bathroom floor and jerk off like a loser. Cum like the pathetic humili-porn addicted freak you are. Squirt your icky cummies - make a loser-puddle on the floor right in front of you. Ha-ha! You're such a loser! You're kneeling in front of your dream-girl and you're wanking yourself off onto the bathroom floor! What a TOTAL loser! Look at that mess you've made! It's so fucking GROSS! Guess what loser? We're all out of tissues so you're gonna have to lick it all up! Haha. Lick up your mess for me loser! Every single drop you disgusting little pig. Haha! Next time I'll make sure I have all the girls over to help me supervise your humili-wank!
Miss Maisie
28/12/2019 - 9 minutes
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CruelBrats - Beg Her To Unlock You Sissy - #Chastity