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Beta's Get Locked Up And Teased
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The choice is simple loser - either you accept a life of chastity or pay your beta-tax for your freedom. Until you can afford to pay up you're just gonna have to sit by and watch as I tease the fuck out of your poor locked-up cock. I'm going to wear your key around my neck so that you can see it dangle between my perfect tits as I show you exactly what you can’t have. My hot dream-girl body in the expensive lingerie set you bought me - you're so close loser but so far away. You're staying caged up until you pay me - you're going to suffer so much for being a beta wimp and I'm going to enjoy watching your torment.
Chloe Love
20/11/2018 - 9 minutes
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CruelBrats - Beta's Get Locked Up And Teased - #ChastityTease