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Bimbo Street Whore
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As soon as I got you to try my panties on as a dare I knew it was all over for you. I took that one photo and blackmailed you into doing more and more humiliating stuff. Snap - another photo and even more leverage. Before you knew it you're wearing a maids uniform and a wig and doing whatever I said - out of fear of exposure! You've been totally blackmailed every step of the way and now I've reached the end. You're a real-life bimbo now. Your life as a boy is over - you look so much better as a girl with big pouty lips on your pretty face and long fluttering eyelashes. You're every man's idea of a peroxide blonde bimbo slut! And now, sissy, the fun really begins. It's time to make me some money from your bimbo looks! I'm going to sell you as a bimbo street-walking whore. A girl like you is made, literally, to troll for clients on the streets, leaning through car windows in your sky-high heels and micro-skirt to offer your sissified body to strangers. You're going to be my bimbo street slut and I expect you to come home with your torn stockings full of direty-money EVERY night!
Terri Lou
12/10/2019 - 6 minutes
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CruelBrats - Bimbo Street Whore - #Feminization