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Blackmailed By The Hot Intern
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Do you realise there's a whole lot of humiliation porn on you computer? Yeah, I thought you'd looked shocked - there really is though! There are hundreds of videos from femdom websites called CruelBrats and CruelGirlfriend - seriously embarrassing stuff! Like how did it all get there? A virus you think maybe? Or here's another idea - you downloaded them all and jerked off to them? I guess we could just get the IT department to investigate - they'll be able to find out when they were accessed and what logins were used - my guess is they'll uncover what I've suspected since I became an intern here... that you are a submissive wimp who loves to be dominated by girls like me! Prove me right - either we get IT in here or put on this pair of emasculation panties. From now on you will call me Miss around here - not quietly but nice and loud so that people can hear. You're gonna fetch my lunch and run errands for me and all while wearing my pretty panties. And this is just the start my little humiliation addict. I'm going to make your life non-stop embarrassing. I'm going to make you do humiliating things to entertain me during the day like maybe emptying my boyfriend's cummy condoms into your coffee right before a meeting, or making you wear a big butt-plug all day - I have lots of ideas loser - or would you rather I spoke to IT instead?
03/03/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - Blackmailed By The Hot Intern - #OfficeDomination