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Blackmailed Pansyboi
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Your life is gonna change forever sissy! I've got a whole gang of fuck-studs coming over to teach you a lesson and show you your correct place in life! They're coming over and you will suck ALL of their huge cocks - No exceptions! There's no backing out for you now sissy - I have your name and address and photos of you dressed like a pansy-whore - so refusing to wear your trashy whore outfit and doing EXACTLY what I tell you to do will result in complete and humiliating exposure! There really is NO going back now sissy! I'll be filming everything that happens to you too! Even if you're stupid enough to resist, they'll just hold you down and do what they want anyway! I'll have more evidence to prove what a cock-loving sissy slut you are, all uploaded to my computer to post wherever I want! You're totally trapped now - no more private sissy dress-up games or online forced-feminization to entertain hot bratty cam-girls. Instead you're going to be dragged into my real-life playroom by my studs and fucked while I film every second of your gangbang nightmare. Then you're my sissy whore forever – forced to sell your holes for cash - terrified of the day I decide to expose you!
24/12/2019 - 9 minutes
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CruelBrats - Blackmailed Pansyboi - #ForcedBi