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Blackmailed Panty-Sissy
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You're so busted sissy! I can see exactly what you're up to. Just look at yourself stood there in panties rummaging through my BFF's lingerie drawer. I've caught you red-handed and now I'm totally gonna tell your girlfriend! She has no idea just what a panty-pansy you are - but that's all about to change because I'm so going to out you! I have all the evidence I need on my phone so prepare for your whole life to be ruined in the most humiliating way possible. Of course, I might be persuaded to keep your perverted little secret between us... I could use your sissy fantasies against you and force you to become my personal blackmailed sissy maid. I guess if you were to dress up in your pretty, frilly panties and maybe even a little maids uniform and wiggle your way to my apartment to spend the day cleaning and tidying up after me I could choose not to EXPOSE you. Do we have a deal sissy? Do you agree to be my pantied sissy maid and cleaning my house from top to bottom every week in exchange for keeping your sissy perversion a secret from your girlfriend? Of course I'll take even more photos for evidence to blackmail you with but so long as you keep serving me and doing everything I say, I'll never have to use it against you. You'll be my blackmailed panty-sissy forever.
Maxie Rhoads
21/12/2019 - 10 minutes
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CruelBrats - Blackmailed Panty-Sissy - #Feminization