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Boob Funding Loser
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Can you believe how amazing my new boobs are loser? They're perfect - all thanks to you. You worked so hard, sacrificed and saved just so I could have these nice big boobs - I love them! They get so much attention - guys just can't help themselves. When I'm showing them off in my cute little outfits at the bars and clubs - I love to let guys feel how amazing they are. But guess who's never EVER gonna get to touch them? That's right loser - you won't. Your job was to pay for them. Your job was to hand over your cash so that I could pay for these perfect tits - that OTHER guys get to enjoy. You're a boob funding loser - paying for tits you'll never even get to see. I'm keeping them hidden away from you - only real men deserve to see them. Maybe I'll make you pay for some of my girlfriends' new boobs too so that you can keep funding boobs for other guys to enjoy - never EVER you loser.
20/08/2019 - 12 minutes
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CruelBrats - Boob Funding Loser - #findom