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Bratty Bully Makes You Eat Cum - CEI
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Aw poor drooly wimp boy getting bullied by the brat girl you've had such a crush on. Coaxed into jerking off and eating your own cum while I make fun of you. Calling you names and telling you why I'd never date a loser like you - that's the best a wussy weakling like you can hope for - humiliated and made to eat you cum by hot girls. If you were a real man you'd lift my skirt and show me who's boss - but you wouldn't even dare! You're a total coward when it comes to pretty brat girls, so you'll take your humiliation and you'll eat your own slime - won't you loser?
Danni King
20/11/2018 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - Bratty Bully Makes You Eat Cum - CEI - #CumEatingInstruction