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Buy Me Presents Or I'm Gonma Tell
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You're going to learn what it's like to be truly at the mercy of a bratty girl who can EXPOSE you whenever she feels like it. You're going to send me money, take me shopping, buy me gifts and pay for my dates and nights out with the girls whenever I snap my finger at you - otherwise I'll out you to EVERYONE you care about for being the pervert you really are. My hair, my nails, my expensive treats and luxurious lifestyle is all on you now loser. You're gonna pay for everything and if you refuse - I'm gonna tell on you. I'll ruin your marriage, I'll ruin your career - I'll make sure everyone finds out about what a freak you are. Yeah - I'm blackmailing you. You're going to keep sending me presents and buying me stuff I want or your secret will be exposed fucktard.
Danni King
17/06/2019 - 9 minutes
foot domination
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CruelBrats - Buy Me Presents Or I'm Gonma Tell - #Findom