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Caged And Cucked By Your Ex
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Haha OMG I dumped you almost 3 years ago and here you are again - begging me for the key to the chastity device I locked you up inside. Boo-hoo can't my nerdy ex-boyfriend jerk off to memories of his cheating ex-girlfriend? Can't you get a new girlfriend because nobody's gonna date you with your beta cock all locked up? Aw - such a shame! Haha - this has been so much fun. You've had 3 years of hell in that device - unable to touch your own cock while I've tormented you with the key. You've had to resort to begging me - the girl who cheated on you and then dumped you - you've begged me to unlock you only for me to laugh in your face. What sort of loser ends up in this kind of situation? The only way I'll ever let you have this key back is if you EARN it back by becoming a cuckold to me and my new boyfriend. You can live in a little cage in the closet and take care of all the chores, pay the bills and do all the things a cuckold wimp should do. If you do a good job for us we might reward you by unlocking you from time to time. When you're not slaving away for us, you'll crawl into your cage in the closet and listen to us fucking on the bed and laughing about you. We'll tease and humiliate you and you won't be able to say a thing otherwise we'll just throw your key away and leave you locked up forever. You'll have to suffer the shame of being cuckolded by your ex-girlfriend and her new man - locked in chastity and treated like dirt in the hope we'll be kind to you and let you enjoy one pathetic orgasm every once in a while. Loser
Kitty K
08/08/2019 - 12 minutes
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CruelBrats - Caged And Cucked By Your Ex - #Chastity