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Call It Blackmail If You Like Faggot
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I know how much you really don't want to do this but I'm gonna make you do it anyway faggot - for MY amusement! Call it blackmail if you like but if you don't suck cock for me I'll tell EVERYONE about your sissy-girl secret dress-up games. Since I dumped you, I started dating your bully - which must totally suck for you. Seeing the guy who used to make your life hell walking around with your ex-girlfriend must hurt you so much... I bet you thought life couldn't get any worse huh? Well it has hasn't it faggot!? I came over early after cheerleading practice and there you were all dressed up in pink panties and a matching bra HUMILIWANKING to CruelBrats.com - so busted! If it were anyone else that found you they'd probably have just laughed at you and told you what a fucking pansy you looked - but I'm WAY too much of a bitch to just leave it at that. I'm going to blackmail you into doing some TOTALLY humiliating things to really teach you a lesson for being such a sissy! Starting with sucking my new boyfriend's cock! Haha! He thinks it's so fucking hilarious that your ex-girlfriend sucks his cock and now he's gonna make you suck it too! And I'm gonna be right there to watch and laugh and take photos too of course! You're so fucked now sissy!
Lucky Luxe
31/12/2019 - 10 minutes
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CruelBrats - Call It Blackmail If You Like Faggot - #ForcedBi