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Call Your Bully Sir
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I've been cheating on you with the guy that bullies you the most. It's really hot to know that he fucks your girlfriend AND pushes you around and humiliates you too! Think it's about time you started showing some respect to him. From now on when I come home with him you will be oh so polite and humble to him. I want you to call him Sir. I know this is gonna be especially humiliating for you - the guy you hate, who bullies you and makes you look like such a wimp in front of all the girls - the guy who is now fucking your girlfriend and you have to call him sir! Haha! I'm going to LOVE the shame it causes you. I know you're going to be totally humiliated having to address the man who's going to fuck me as SIR but that's the level of respect he deserves. He is doing the job you're too inadequate to do yourself. He fucks me like a real man - not a beta cuckold wimp. You need to understand your place in the pecking order - so you'll have to address him as sir from now on. When he arrives at our house to fuck me you will ask 'Sir' to take his coat and 'Sir' would like a drink. You will let 'Sir' know that I'm in the bedroom waiting for my real-man fuck. You will be so submissive and show complete respect to him or I will put you right over my knee and spank you right in front of 'Sir' Haha!
Daisy Dillon
24/08/2019 - 9 minutes
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CruelBrats - Call Your Bully Sir - #Cuckold