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Chastity Tease 1 - Locked Forever
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I'm never gonna let you out of chastity loser - never EVER! I want you to stay locked in that little cock prison for the rest of your life regretting the day you the padlock clicked shut. Your cock is going to remain in there forever - never getting hard, never touched and never cumming - at least not properly. You'll leak pleasureless loser-drool from your limp cock from time to time, but never will you get to cum like a real man. It's going to be hell for you - I'll tease you all the time. Trying on cute little outfits in front of you, making you kneel to help me into my shoes, letting you brush my beautiful hair. You'll be so desperate for just a few seconds of release, but it'll never ever happen. I'm going to make sure you suffer in there. Can you imagine feeling my breath on your little locked cock as I pretend to give you a blow job. The agony as I squeeze your tortured blue balls and scratch them with my nails. You will be in so much pain. Then you get to watch me bring home other men - men who have full access to their cocks. Men who will feel more than just my breath on them. You're never going to escape this chastity hell loser because this is exactly what you deserve.
Alexis Reed
25/03/2019 - 14 minutes
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rope bondage
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CruelBrats - Chastity Tease 1 - Locked Forever - #chastity