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Chastity Will Turn You Into A Faggot
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I WILL turn you gay. It's what I do - it's a game for me - I enjoy it. I love turning submissive betas like you into faggots - It's funny to think of you being forced to give up girls just because it makes me laugh. It's not even difficult - all I do is lock your cock in a tiny chastity device and sit back and wait. After a short while you're begging me for the key, offering me money and promising to do whatever I want. How long will it take before you agree to suck a cock for me - and then to get fucked - to be filled with other men's cum in the hope it will earn you release. As soon as another man's cock is inside you - you're a faggot.
Alexa Brooke
10/02/2019 - 9 minutes
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CruelBrats - Chastity Will Turn You Into A Faggot - #ForcedBi