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Girls like me can spot a cuckold like you a mile away. Cuckolds might as well have the word written in big black permanent marker right on their foreheads. You're a cuckold - and that's just fine with girls like me. You'll never get to fuck hot girls, but you will always have a purpose to us. You wanna know how I like to humiliate a cuckold the most? It’s by making him take care of every aspect of my dates with real men. You'll buy me a short, tight date-night outfit. I'll just add it to my Wishlist, and you'll scurry off to add it to your basket. I'll pick the perfect dress to tease my date with, a cute pair of heels and of course some seriously hot lingerie, and you'll click, click, click to pay for it all as you imagine how good I'm gonna look for 'him'. Then you can book a table at the kind of restaurant that you can't afford to dine at. You'll make the reservation and make sure there's Champagne on the table when we arrive. You'll be funding all my dates cuckold. You'll pay for EVERYTHING. That's just what cuckolds do. This is your role in life now - you're my date-funding cuckold. Now why don't you get that permanent marker pen and write CUCKOLD across your forehead while me and my real man enjoy our date-night.
Lucky Luxe
11/02/2020 - 9 minutes
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