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Cum On Your Face Sir... Or Else
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This is the third detention you've given me in the last 2 weeks - do you have any idea how much it fucks with my social life when you keep me behind like this? The first time was because you caught me smoking, then because my short skirt wasn't 'regulation' and today I’m here because of my 'attitude'. The truth is, Sir, I'm here today because I chose to be - I wanted you to give me a detention because how better to inflict my revenge upon you. I'm going to tell EVERYONE that you touched my boobs and put your hand up my skirt. I can be VERY convincing Sir! I'm going to fuck up your whole career unless you amuse me - I want you to cum all over your stupid face. Right here in front of me while I make fun of you - jerk off into your own face so I can laugh at you.
Mean Cashleigh
17/11/2018 - 9 minutes
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CruelBrats - Cum On Your Face Sir... Or Else - #CumEatingInstruction