Daisy Dillon

I take great delight in making drooling losers like you do the most humiliating things imagineable just to please me. Like wearing panties and sucking cock for example. I mean look at me - can you honestly convince yourself that you wouldn't do ANYTHING I tell you to? Of course you will. Ever since I was a teenager I knew that men like you would do whatever I wanted. Sure - I could make you buy me things and spoil me and everything but the real fun is making you do stuff that you REALLY don't want to do. I mean when I'm teasing you and flirting with you and I cutely ask you to eat your own cum - I know you'll do it. And once I've made you do that, I know you'll drink another guy's cum - you'll hate it but you'll do it for me won't you? The thing is - you'll do everything I tell you to but you'll get nothing from me. Nothing!

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