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Drench Your Sissy Face In Cum
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Your sole purpose as a sissy is to please real men. You'll please their cocks, please their balls, and please their eyes while you're doing so! Sissies need to look their best when they're being made to kneel in front of a real man or a gang of Alpha’s to be drenched in their cumloads. You have to look ultra-feminine and super-girly so that the men using you have a pretty target for their thick cum to land on. I want you to be a porno-dolly for them to jerk off to. Choose a pretty sissy dress - your frilliest, pansy-outfit, or the submissive schoolgirl uniform, or a pom-pom cheerleader costume. Put it on, fix your makeup, put on your long blonde wig and strap yourself into some fuck-me heels. Look at yourself in the mirror sissy and admire the little princess real men will be ruining with all their cum. Don't you look like the perfect target to drench in slimy real-man spunk? Lie on your back, pull your sissy panties down to your knees and lift yourself into the sissy facial position. Legs over your head - with your little failure-dick aimed right at your own face. Now start jerking yourself off. Is that so humiliating for you sissy? It should be! You're dressed like a girl and waiting to cover your own face with cum. This is EXACTLY what’s gonna happen to you for real soon sissy.
Roxee Couture
27/03/2020 - 10 minutes
sissy humiliation
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CruelBrats - Drench Your Sissy Face In Cum - #Feminization