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Dumped For Having A Small Penis
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One moment babe - let me just finish this call to the girls... done! Aw thanks for letting me finish - it was really important - I was just letting all the girls know I'm dumping you. Yeah #SoSad – There's no easy way to say it but your cock is just tiny, and I really think you need a reality check. Other girls may have told you size doesn't matter but it really does. I sent some photos of your little pee-pee to the girls and they all agreed I should totally dump you. They actually found it really funny that you thought you could hang on to a girl like me with a cock like that. I'm pretty, I have big tits and an amazing body - I am literally every guy's fantasy - so why the fuck would I want a guy with a teeny-tiny cock like yours when I can take my pick? Why don't you try and get it bigger and harder for me - show me how big it can be and maybe I'll change my mind - or maybe you'll experience the most emasculating Small-Penis-Humiliation predicament of your life! Go on - impress me with the tiny cock and try to save yourself from getting dumped - hang on a second - let me video-call the girls and we can all decide if you should be dumped or not!
29/08/2019 - 7 minutes
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CruelBrats - Dumped For Having A Small Penis - #SmallPenisHumiliation