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Eat Cum Or My Real Man Will Beat You
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Aw so cute - you bought me chocolates. You must really love me right? Haha! It would take more than chocolates for me to date a fucking loser like you. You do know who I'm dating? Like only the guy who totally bullies you all the time - do you realise what he would do to you if he found out you were buying me chocolates? He'd kick your ass! It's kinda insulting to me too - like WTF would I be doing dating you when I've got such a hot boyfriend already. If you want me to keep this a secret, I want you to do something humiliating for me as punishment. I want you to jerk off right in front of me and then - when you cum into your hand - I want you to lick it all up. I know you're not gonna want to do it but if you don't want my boyfriend to beat you up - you’re gonna have to do it. This is gonna serve you right for drooling over me - drooling over girls you have no fucking chance with - eat your icky slime or my real man will beat you to a pulp!
Chloe Love
29/03/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - Eat Cum Or My Real Man Will Beat You - #CumEatingInstruction