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Eat Up Your Ruined Orgasm
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All it takes is a hot girl telling you to do something totally humiliating and you just do it Popular bratty girls who are totally out of your league throwing you a scrap of attention in the shape of a big L. So when we tell you to jerk off while we make fun of you - you just do it. Just like a loser, you stay hard while we ridicule you until you're begging us to let you cum. You really want to cum loser? What if the only way you're allowed to cum is if you ruin it and then eat it for us? You have to let go of your hands just as pass the point of no return and watch as your cock org-spasm all down itself. Then you have to scoop it all up and eat it while I laugh at you.
Alexa Brooke
21/06/2019 - 9 minutes
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CruelBrats - Eat Up Your Ruined Orgasm - #CumEatingInstruction