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Eat Your Cum Until You're A Faggot
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I'm gonna feed you so much cum - you'll get fucking addicted to it. I'll empty cum-loaded used condoms down your faggot mouth - condoms from my boyfriends, condoms from my girlfriend's bedroom floor. I'll put you into the loser position and make you drink your own cum. I'll invite men home for you to suck so you get fresh cum straight from their balls. I'll spike every meal you eat with cum - your belly will be constantly re-filled with the slime drained from other men's cocks. After a few months of your enforced cum-diet you will be willing to do anything just to get more cum in your mouth. You'll beg me to keep you supplied with used condoms to drink from and cocks to be sucked but I'll withhold that supply - leaving you with no option but to find your own supply of cum for yourself. That's when you will be turned gay forever - all thanks to me. You'll be reduced to a cum-craving faggot, picking up stranger's condoms from trash-cans outside brothels. You will pay men to cum in your mouth at gloryholes, you will buy used condoms online and you will watch endless cum-eating-instruction clips on CruelBrats just to keep you going until your next fix of fresh cum. Now let's get started faggot - get your legs over your head and prepare to guzzle down your own cum for me. Start jerking your cock into your own face you cum-addicted faggot!
Miss Maisie
08/02/2020 - 10 minutes
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CruelBrats - Eat Your Cum Until You're A Faggot - #CumEatingInstruction