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I'm cheating on you again tonight cucky - I have another date with another real man who gets to take you place and take your girlfriend. Bad news for you huh? Well I have some even worse news for you - guess who's cuckysitting you tonight baby? Your ex-girlfriend. I bumped into her at the mall while I was picking out a cute outfit for my date tonight - she's so much hotter than she used to be when she dated you. As soon as I suggested she come over to cuckysit you while I'm out on my date she jumped at the chance! So tonight, while I'm out fucking another guy, she's going to be tormenting you! I know she's gonna love to humiliate you and I'll get such a kick out of knowing she's making your night hell! I told her she can do whatever she likes to you and YOU, cucky, will do whatever she tells you to do. She might even bring her new man over with her - the real man who stole her away from you. You'll have to call her 'Miss' and him 'Sir' - you'll mind your manners while they cuckysit you until I get home. They're going to totally humiliate you cucky. Teasing you for having another cheating girlfriend. Making fun of your chastity device. Making you worship their feet as they make out on the sofa. I wonder who will have the most fun tonight - me or your cruel cuckysitters?

Added: 10 Jan 2020
Clip Length: 10m 07s