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Fired For My Fun
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Me and the other hot interns decided we're gonna just fuck up your life for fun. We're gonna tell the boss that we caught you perving on us with your cock in your hand - eughw!... Jerking off! We'll just pretend to cry and look like the honest little sexually harassed interns and you're going to look like the worst creep EVER! You won't stand a chance - your career and reputation will be ruined - and what will wifey say when you've been fired for being such a pervert huh? Well we're gonna find out because we're gonna ruin your whole life loser. Aw boo fucking hoo - Why are we doing this to you? Because it feels so good to ruin a beta-wimp's life that's why. We used to bully nerds like you in school and it was so much fun. Humiliating you, calling you names until you cried, getting our boyfriends to beat you up - we miss all that so much. Now nerds like you have good jobs and perfect little families - I guess it's just fun to remind you that you'll always be nothing more than a little sissy wimp who gets bullied by the popular girls.
Daisy Dillon
10/09/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - Fired For My Fun - #OfficeDomination