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He Gets Your Fantasy
submissive / slave training bondage male femdom pov
So your ultimate fantasy is a threesome with me and my best friend huh? How fucking imaginative! Maybe if you had more of an imagination, I wouldn't have to cheat on you all the time. Well don't worry cuckold - my girlfriend has come over to help you out with your hot little fantasy. She's come over for the threesome you've been dying for me to have with her. Lucky you huh? Well before you blow a load into your pants thinking about it cucky, you should know that the threesome isn't going to involve you. I've invited a total stud to come over to stand in for you - He is getting your threesome. He gets your girlfriend and her hot girlfriend making out all over him. He gets me sucking his awesome cock while my best friend works on his balls. He gets to bend your girlfriend over and fuck her while my face is buried between my best friend's legs. You get to watch - all locked up in your chastity device. Imagine how it's going to feel watching another man step in and take away your ultimate fantasy. He deserves a threesome with us - you're just a cuckold who deserves nothing. You don't deserve ANY girl let alone 2 hot girlfriends wriggling all over you - no no cuckold - HE gets your threesome - He gets whatever the fuck he wants. When he's done fucking us you can tidy up the bedroom and clean up all the mess we've made... then you can think up another fantasy for another man to steal from you.
Daisy Dillon
15/10/2019 - 9 minutes
enforced chastity
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CruelBrats - He Gets Your Fantasy - #Cuckold