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He's The Boss, Cuckold - Not You
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It turns me on so much to think of you being cuckolded by your boss. I love it that you have to be submissive to him at home AND at work. Fucking your boss and making you our cuckold means he gets to humiliate you in the office - bragging to your co-workers about the hot young brat he's fucking. Sharing all the details of what he does to your little princess. Everyone will be sniggering behind your back - knowing that your hot trophy girlfriend is fucking the boss. I'll ask him to send you out on humiliating errands like to the drugstore to buy condoms before he comes over to fuck me. It'll be so emasculating for you, but nothing compared to the humiliation you'll have suffer at home. You are gonna be our perfect cuckold servant - when he comes over to fuck me, you'll take his coat and fetch us drinks. You'll bring the condoms you were sent out to buy for us... but don't forget, he's the boss in our house as well as in the office so it's up to him if he even decides to use them. He gets to do whatever he likes in our house - just because you don't get to cum inside your dream-girl anymore it doesn't mean he doesn't get to. Your boss gets to cum WHEREVER he likes - even if it's all over your stupid cuckold face - just so he can brag about that in the office too. Wherever he decides to cum - it's your job to clean it all up - in fact your job is whatever your boss tells you to do now cucky!
Lucky Luxe
28/01/2020 - 10 minutes
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CruelBrats - He's The Boss, Cuckold - Not You - #Cuckold