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Hide Under The Bed You Pantied Cuckold
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OMG that was my real man – y’know the guy from the football team – he’s on his way over right now. If he finds you here in my bedroom, he’s gonna totally flip out! He has no idea I have a boyfriend and he’s kinda the jealous type so he’d totally beat you up! I guess you could fight him but he’s way stronger than you so it’s probably safer if you hide under the bed. I mean if you’re frightened of being beaten up by him right in front of your girlfriend. I won’t mind – but if you’re gonna take the cowardly option I think you should wear my panties when you crawl under there. You can wear my prettiest, girliest panties as you hide under the bed from my real man and then, when he gets here, we’re gonna fuck right on top of you! You can listen to a real man fucking your little princess as you hide like a cowardly cuckold under the bed while wearing my cute panties.
17/01/2019 - 8 minutes
office domination
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