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I Don't Care Who's Watching - Lick My Heels
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You know what looks so fucking ridiculous - a beta-loser like you walking around with a hot girl like me - so much younger than you and way out of your league. It's so fucking embarrassing. Everyone looking at you like you've done so well and looking at me like I'm a gold-digger (which I totally am but I don't like people just assuming!). So from now on, whenever I get the feeling people are judging me for being with you I'm going to let them see EXACTLY what this relationship is all about. I'll snap my fingers and make you drop to your knees to lick the dirt from my shoes. I'll verbally berate you in public - LOUDLY. I want everyone to see you are the slave and I am the mistress.
Chloe Love
07/06/2019 - 8 minutes
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CruelBrats - I Don't Care Who's Watching - Lick My Heels - #FootWorship